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Meet Our Staff

The Michigan Virtual Charter Academy staff includes professionals and specialists dedicated to making our school a very real learning experience. Meet some of the people who work behind the scenes to keep the school responsive to your needs.


Kim Bush - Manager, School Operations
Bridgette Weaver - Testing Coordinator
David Baldon - Technology Administrator
Jessica Biehl - School Data Analyst
Jonathan Horton - Family Compliance Liaison
Natalie Eisen - Enrollment Coordinator
Nazeerah Muhammad - Assistant Office Administrator
Courtney Ronda - K-8 Registrar
Callie Sanders - Office Administrator
Maureen Stanage - High School Registrar
Joshua Weld-Wallis - Operations Support Specialist

Student Support Team

Amela Redzic - Family Engagement Administrator
Loannie Houston - Family Compliance Liaison
Jan Collier - Family Resource Counselor
Marianne Marzolla - Homeless Liaison
Annmarie Bingle - SST Advisor
Tara Elfakir - SST Advisor
Brittnae Grant - SST Advisor
Gayle Korhorn - SST Advisor
Shamiah Okhai - SST Advisor
Rebecca Osborn - SST Advisor
Melissa Tackitt - SST Advisor
Kali Taylor - SST Advisor
Tania Kazanjian - SST Advisor
Esther Freel - Student Support Advisor
Elizabeth Gladfelter - Student Support Advisor

Special Education

Sandi Brueck - Special Programs Manager
Rebecca Karpinski - Child Find Coordinator
Mellissa Anderson - Compliance Coordinator
Mary Race - Master Teacher
Jenelle Stevens - Paraprofessional
Rebecca Groth-Root - Psychologist
Melissa Sanford-Noel - Psychologist
Ashley Robinson - Related Services Coordinator
Corey Melendez - SE Graduation Coach
Lisa Waters - Social Worker
Sarah Neitzel - Special Education Registrar
Madison Kontio - Speech Pathologist
Ramona Cotton - Transition Coordinator
Meghan Seibert - 504 Coordinator