Meet Our Staff

The Michigan Virtual Charter Academy staff includes professionals and specialists dedicated to making our school a very real learning experience. Meet some of the people who work behind the scenes to keep the school responsive to your needs:

Weaver, Bridgette – Testing Coordinator
Biehl, Jessica – School Data Analyst
Bush, Kim – Operations Manager
Weld-Wallis, Joshua – Operations Support Specialist
Cromley, Natalie – Enrollment Coordinator
Nichols, Corista – Federal & State Programs Manager
Neitzel, Sarah – Special Education Registrar
Redzic, Amela – Family Engagement Administrator
Ronda, Courtney – K-8 Registrar
Brown, Kirsten – Career Readiness Coordinator
Scheel, Michael – High School Counselor A-DA
Bidigare, Amy – High School Counselor DE-J
Alexander, Lauri – High School Counselor K-M
Cilla-Cooper, Linda – High School Counselor N-R
LeVasseur, Susan – High School Counselor S-Z
Hopkins, Erik – High School Counselor Technician
Stanage, Maureen – High School Registrar

McKinney Vento/Homeless/Foster Care Liaison

Marianne Marzolla: 616-309-1600 Ext. 7638

504 Coordinator

Candi Martus-Walters: 616-309-1600 Ext. 3295

ELL Contacts (Interpreting Services)

Heather Kaczmarek: 616-309-1600 Ext. 2623
Cathy Haynes: 616-309-1600 Ext. 3087

Special Education Compliance Coordinator

Melissa Anderson: 616-309-1600 Ext. 3001

Post-Procedural Safeguards

POC - Sandi Brueck: 616-309-1600 Ext. 1611

ADA Accessibility Coordinator

Randy Rodriguez: 616-309-1600 Ext. 1601