How It Works

Myths about Online Schools

MYTH: Students who attend online schools lack socialization and social skills.

FACT: Students at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA) can participate in academic and social outings. In the past, these outings and activities have included trips to museums, parks, zoos, etc.

MYTH: Students spend all day staring at a computer.

FACT: While attendance, planning, and assessment are all recorded online, students are involved in activities offline as well, including using textbooks, art supplies, science materials, etc. As students move through the curriculum each year, more of their instruction is delivered online.

MYTH: Attending MVCA is a part-time job.

FACT: Students will need to spend about six hours on schoolwork each day and the Learning Coach or mentor needs to be available during that time to help guide and support the student.

MYTH: Online schools don’t meet requirements for public schools.

FACT: MVCA is a public education program that operates outside of a traditional classroom. As public school students, your children will be expected to spend a certain amount of time each day engaged in schoolwork and they are required to take standardized tests mandated by the state of Michigan.