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How It Works (High School)

At Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, students can be who they are, and then some.

Imagine a public high school program that lets students set their sights on a range of post–school goals, and provides students the freedom to explore their interests. From career preparation to college prep, our programs is designed to help students maximize their ability to succeed after high school on whatever path they choose.

While the high school program is designed to give students the freedom they need, students aren't in it alone. We provide a dynamic team of teachers to lead instruction and create a connected school community. MVCA accesses the extensive K12 high school curriculum portfolio of core and elective courses, including Math, English/Language Arts, Science, History/Social Sciences, and more.

MVCA high school students receive many benefits through the K12 online high school program, including:

  • Outstanding, individualized curriculum from K12, the leading online K–12 curriculum provider and a CITA-accredited company
  • Multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of a variety of learners
  • Diverse high school catalog with more than 150 courses, including up to three levels of courses in Math, English, Science, and History
  • Individualized Learning Plan for each student that charts a course for success during and after high school
  • Teachers, advisors, counselors, coordinators, and other educational personnel—offering personalized, extensive support to students and families
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities
  • In-person teacher-led and school-sponsored events where students can network with their peers

Who is this intended for?

The MVCA high school program serves students in grades 9–12 who reside within the state of Michigan, are less than 20 years of age as of September 1 of the year they're enrolling and do not already have a GED or high school diploma.

What are the costs?

Because we are part of the public school system, the MVCA high school program is tuition free. The entire program, including curriculum and teacher and instructional support are provided free of charge.