Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are among the best in the state. They consider themselves your partners in your children's education and are available to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. Our teachers are passionate about education and are flexible to meet the needs of Michigan Virtual Charter Academy families. Each family and student is important and deserves the best!

For information on the licensures of the MVCA teachers, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website

Teaching Staff

Altman, Amy – PE, Health, Nutrition High School
Anderson, Breanne – 2nd Grade Elementary
Anderson, Melissa – Special Education Middle School
Bartlett, Elizabeth – ELA & Social Studies High School English
Bidigare, Amy – Math High School
Blanchard, Rachel – 3rd Grade Math Elementary
Brabbs, Hollie – Gen Ed High School
Brown, Kathleen – Latin High School
Butzu, Annie – ELA High School
Carpenter, Pamela – Math High School
Carrie, Colleen – 4th Grade Reading Elementary
Caton, Deb – ELA & Social Studies High School
Christian, Leslie Special Education Elementary
Codden, Catherine – Special Education High School
Cotter, June – Special Education High School
Cotton, Ramona – Special Education High School
Cromwell, Noelle – 6th Grade English Middle School
Dawson, Amy – Music High School
DeCou, Jon – Social Studies High School
Dickson, Claire – Social Studies High School
Diehl, Katie- Math High School
Dunning, Jennifer – 6th Grade Science Middle School
Edmonds, Breanne – Special Education High School
Ehle, Nicole – Science High School
Evely, Jenica – Special Education Elementary
Faulkner, Lisa – Math High School
Flourney, Stephanie – Special Education Elementary
Greer, Kari – 4th Grade Math Elementary
Griffin, Erin – Spanish High School
Harris, Jordan – Title 1 at Risk High School
Hammer, Angela – Social Studies High School
Hollenbeck, Andrea – Special Education Elementary
Hoofman, Scott – ELA High School
Jones, Kari – PE, Health, Accounting High School
Jorgensen, Karen – Special Education High School
Kaczmarek, Heather – English Second Language K-12
Karpinski, Rebecca – Special Education Elementary
Kayl, Colleen – Science High School
Kenzie, Sara – 6th Grade Social Studies Middle School
Kerwin, Sean – Special Education Middle School
Kroodsma, Emily – 5th Grade Reading Elementary
Kuntz, Megan – Kindergarten Elementary
Maida, Amy – Special Education High School
Marzolo, Ruth – Social Studies High School
McClanahan, Patrick – Social Studies High School
Moore, Robin – Science High School
Morsehead, Matt – Special Education High School
Nietzke, Katherine – Special Education Elementary
Perkey, Stacey – 7th Grade Math Middle School
Piotrowski, Stacie – Art & Photography High School
Poppen, Brian 8th Grade Math Middle School
Porubsky 8th Grade History Middle School
Prainito, Marie – Science High School
Raven, Kristy – 8th Grade Science Middle School
Roberts, Emily – 6th Grade Math Middle School
Russell, Victoria – Special Education High School
Saddler, Ashley – 7th & 8th Grade Math Middle School
Schenck, James – 7th Grade English Middle School
Schubring, Sarah – 7th Grade Social Studies Middle School
Shelley, Lacie – 5th Grade Math Elementary
Shepard, Christel – Special Education High School
Shue, Heather – ELA High School
Simmons, Katie – Math High School
Skayhan-Dutra, Maureen – 4 & 5th Science Elementary
Smith, Gregory – Science High School
Smith, Kore – ELA High School
Soltis, Emily – Kindergarten & 1st Grade Elementary
Spencer, Lahryn – Gen Ed High School
Stewart, Holly – 7th Grade Science Middle School
Stewart, Sheryl – Special Education Middle School
Tait, Veronica – Special Education Middle School
Topouzian, Della – English High School
Tubbs, Rory – 3rd Grade Reading Elementary
Tubbs, Stacy – Special Education Middle School
Turgeon, Elizabeth – Special Education Elementary
Vandenberg, Kimberly – 8th Grade English Middle School
VanHorn, Lar – Fine Art & Digital Photography High School
Wall, Elizabeth – Special Education High School
Ward, Takiyah – Special Education High School
Weghorst, Amy – Kindergarten & 1st Grade Elementary
Weingartz, Carrie – Science High School
Westra, Tonya – Social Studies High School
Wiegand, Lindsey – ELA High School
Wood, Riley – 3-5th Writing Elementary