Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are among the best in the state. They consider themselves your partners in your children's education and are available to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. Our teachers are passionate about education and are flexible to meet the needs of Michigan Virtual Charter Academy families. Each family and student is important and deserves the best!

For information on the licensures of the MVCA teachers, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website

Elementary Staff

Addington, Sara: K-8th Special Education Teacher
Al-Barazi, Maha: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Anderson, Breanne: 2nd Grade Teacher
Bach, Rebecca: 3rd Grade Interventionist
Barnes, Vanessa: 3rd Grade Interventionist
Blanchard, Rachel: K-5th Teacher
Carrie, Colleen: 4th-5th Teacher
Cupp, Brandie: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Dirden, Nikkeya: 4th Grade Interventionist
Evely, Jenica: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Flournoy, Stephanie: 1st Grade Special Education Teacher
Gane, Jennifer:  Kindgergarten Teacher
Gray, Heidi: 5th Grade Teacher
Greer, Kari: K-5th Teacher
Guthrie, John: 2nd Grade Teacher
Hall, Rachelle: 4th Grade Teacher
Huff, Celia: K-5th Teacher
Jamison, Aimee: 1st Grade Teacher
Kaczmarek, Heather: K-12th Special Education Teacher
Karpinski, Rebecca: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Kinney, Rachel: K-5th Teacher
Knevitt, Tammy: K-5th  Teacher
Kroodsma, Emily: K-5th Teacher
Kuntz, Megan: Kindergarten Teacher
Marcum, Melissa: K-1st Interventionist
Max, Stephanie: 5th Grade Teacher
McGuire, Dannielle: K-5th Literacy Coach
Meloche, Sheri: 5th Grade Teacher
Nietzke, Katherine: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Peraino, Martene: 2nd Grade Interventionist
Pelto, Brittanie: K-5th Special Education Teacher
Sharp, Katilee: 3rd Grade Teacher
Shelley, Lacie: K-5th Teacher
SkayhanDutra, Maureen: 5th Grade Teacher
Thill, Susan: K-12th Interventionist
Thompson, Toni: K-12th Interventionist
Turgeon, Elizabeth: K-5th Special Education Teacher
VanStrien, Holly: 4th Grade Teacher
Visser, Sarah: K-5th Teacher
Weghorst, Amy: 1st Grade Teacher
Wood, Riley: 4th Grade Teacher
Woods, Veronica: K-1st Interventionist
Zellinger, Alyxandra: 3rd Grade Interventionist

Middle School Staff

Addington, Sara: K-8th Special Education Teacher
Anderson, Mellissa: 6th-8th Special Education Teacher
Andrews-McKinney, Joyce: 6th-8th Special Education Teacher
Burt, Terasa: 6th-8th Content Lead
Cherry, James: K-12th Interventionist
Dunning, Jennifer: 6th Grade Teacher
Engdahl, Gail: 6th-8th Special Education Teacher
Francis-Movahhed, Julie: K-12th Interventionist
Hull, Jeremy: 8th Grade Teacher
Kaczmarek, Heather: K-12th Special Education Teacher
Kryza, Nicole: 6th-8th Teacher
Nefstead, Kristina: 6th-8th Teacher
Perkey, Stacey: 7th Grade Teacher
Plummer, Michelle: 6th-8th Special Education Teacher
Poppen, Brian: 7th-8th Teacher
Porubsky, Melonie: 7th-8th Teacher
Roberts, Emily: 6th Grade Teacher
Rudolph, Kimberly: 6th-8th Teacher
Saddler, Ashley: 7th-8th Teacher
Schenck, James: 7th Grade Teacher
Schubring, Sarah: 6th-8th Teacher
Schultz, Carrie: 6th-8th Teacher
Skiba, Carmen: 6th-8th Interventionist
Tait, Veronica: 6th-8th Special Education Teacher
Totty, Marquise: 6th-8th Teacher
Tubbs, Stacy: 6th- 8th Special Education Teacher
Vandenberg, Kimberly: 8th Grade Teacher
Vandenbussche, Ashley: K-12th  Interventionist
Walton, Valencia: 6th-8th Interventionist
Wolak, Stacey: 6th-8th Interventionist
Worthing, Eva: 6th-8th Teacher
Zagorski, Mackenzie: 6th-8th Interventionist

High School Staff

Albrecht, Jessica: 9th-12th Teacher
Bailey, Amanda: 9th- 12th Special Education Teacher
Baldwin, Julie: 9th-12th Teacher
Bidigare, Amy: 9th-12th Teacher
Biela(Miller), Kristin: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Brabbs, Hollie: 9th-12th Teacher
Brown, Grace: 9th-12th Teacher
Butzu, Anne: 9th-12th Teacher
Carpenter, Pam: 9th-12th Teacher
Carpenter, Grace: 9th-12th Teacher
Codden, Catherine: 9th Grade Special Education Teacher
Cohen, Sparkle: 9th-12th Teacher
Cotton, Ramona: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Dawe, Haley: 9th-12th Teacher
Diehl, Katie: 9th-12th Teacher
Edmonds, Breanne: 9th-10th Teacher
Faulkner, Lisa: 9th-12th Teacher
Hammer, Angela: 9th - 12th Teacher
Harris, Cassondra: 12th Grade Content Lead
Hassen, Robin: 9th-12th Teacher
Haynes, Cathy: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Heidel, Tessa: 9th-12th Teacher
Hoofman, Scott: 9th-12th Teacher
Horton, Laural: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Hutchison, Collin: 9th-12th Teacher
Kaczmarek, Heather: K-12th Special Education Teacher
Kaye, Justina: 9th-12th Teacher
Kayl, Colleen:9th-12th Teacher
Keller, Brent: 9th-12th Teacher
Kelley Jr., Marcus: 9th-12th Teacher
Kinel, Joanna: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Kleikamp, Ashley: 9th-12th Teacher
Lamas, Dawn: 9th-12th Teacher
Lee, Jamie: 9th-12th Teacher
Lundin, Anne: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Mallo, Vanessa: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Markiewiz, Sue: 9th-12th Teacher
Marsh, Aubrie: 9th-12th Teacher
Mayra, Julie: 9th-12th Teacher
McCall, Katlyn: 9th-12th Teacher
McClanahan, Patrick: 9th-12th Teacher
Morse, Mackenzie: 9th-12th Teacher
Noble, Debra: 9th-11th Teacher
Oram, Rachael: 9th-12th Teacher
Prainito, Marie: 9th-12th Teacher
Ranta, Adriana: 9th-12th Teacher
Rauch, Justine: 9th-12th Teacher
Rose, Adrianne: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Rose, Hillary: 9th-12th Teacher
Russel, Victoria: 9th-12th Special Education Teacher
Smith, Gregory: 9th-12th Teacher
Soltis , Mary: 9th-12th Substitute Teacher
Spencer, Lahryn: 9th-12th Teacher
Stephens, Kevin: 9th-12th Teacher
Topouzian, Della: 9th-12th Teacher
Touchett, Sarah: 9th-12th Teacher
Weingartz, Carrie: 9th-12th Teacher
Wiegand, Lindsey: 9th-12th Teacher