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Meet Our Middle School Staff

Our teachers are among the best in the state. They consider themselves your partners in your children's education and are available to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. Our teachers are passionate about education and are flexible to meet the needs of Michigan Virtual Charter Academy families. Each family and student is important and deserves the best!

For information on the licensures of the MVCA teachers, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website


Amena Moiz - Principal
Jennifer Halla - Math Coach
David Krause - Counselor


Holly Berriman - Teacher
Jeremy Hull - Teacher
Jonah Lane-Moore - Teacher
Kristina Nefstead - Teacher
James Schenck - Teacher
Heather Shue - Teacher - Reduced Class
Kimberly Vandenberg - Teacher
Melody Whitley - Teacher 


Dakoda Ash - Teacher
Allison Frey - Teacher - Reduced Class
Nicole Kryza - Teacher
Amanda Monahan - Teacher
Stacey Perkey - Teacher
Brian Poppen - Teacher
Emily Roberts - Teacher


Christine Butler - Teacher
Jessica Raupp - Teacher
Kimberly Rudolph - Teacher
Carrie Schultz - Teacher
Rachael Shipes - Teacher

Social Studies

Rebecca Brockington - Teacher
Adam Derington - Teacher
Aubrie Kuryvial - Teacher
Michael Norton - Teacher
Melonie Porubsky - Teacher
Eva Worthing - Teacher

Special Education

Marcia Boik - Teacher
Amy Crane - Teacher
Minda DeHaven - Teacher
Skylar Everest - Teacher
Shelby McBride (Abbott) - Teacher
Michelle Plummer - Teacher
Veronica Tait - Teacher
Stacy Tubbs - Teacher


James Cherry - Teacher - Math Interventionist
Julie Francis-Movahhed - Teacher - Math Interventionist
Ashley Vandenbussche - Teacher - ELA Interventionist
Valencia Walton - Teacher - ELA Interventionist
Stacey Wolak - Teacher - ELA Interventionist