Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are among the best in the state. They consider themselves your partners in your children's education and are available to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. Our teachers are passionate about education and are flexible to meet the needs of Michigan Virtual Charter Academy families. Each family and student is important and deserves the best!

For information on the licensures of the MVCA teachers, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website

Jennifer Ackerman, 3rd Grade
Erin Addison, Special Education K–6th Grade
Bre Anderson, 3rd Grade
Melissa Anderson, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Sarah Angus, 6th Grade
Bruce Bennett, 6th Grade
Kirstin Boettcher, Middle School English
Amy Bruce, Special Education 7th Grade
Anne Butzu, High School English
Jennifer Canfield, Title 1 Math K–6th Grade
Pam Carpenter, High School Math
Colin Chelovich, High School History
Catherine Codden, Special Education K–6th Grade
Karen Conley, Middle School Science
Wendy Crigger, Middle School Math
Heather Dear, High School Math
Minda DeHaven, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Rachael DeRonne, Middle School English
Amy Dillon-Johnson, High School Math
Lori Dugan, 5th Grade
Allyson Dunn, Middle School History
Lisa Faulkner, High School Math
Alyssa Fenstermacher, 4th Grade
Colin Freel, High School Math
Tracy Fuller, Kindergarten
Jennifer Fulton, Special Education K–6th Grade
Jeanne Garlets, 1st Grade
Ben Garlets, High School Math
Robin Glassner, 5th Grade
Emily Groot, 1st Grade
Angela Hammer, High School History
Shannon Hare, 5th Grade
Cathy Haynes, High School English
Michelle Heuft, Title 1 K–6th English Language Arts
Laura Hickey, 5th Grade
Jessica Hieber, 2nd Grade
Terasa Burt, Middle School Science
Scott Hoofman, High School English
Lara Ibrahim, High School Math
Kevin Jakeway, Middle School History
Jenni Kanine, Middle School Science
Colleen Kayl, High School Science
Laura Keew, Special Education Parapro
Rachel Keller, 4th Grade
Sean Kerwin, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Leeann Kish, Title 1 Middle School/High School English Language Arts
Lindsey Kisner, 3rd Grade
Brent Klug, High School History
Tanya Kuipers, 4th Grade
Megan Kuras, Special Education K–6th Grade
Krista Lasky, 2nd Grade
Bailey Leasher, Special Education K–6th Grade
Krista Lee, Middle School History
Cindy Lindberg, 4th Grade
Jennifer Little, 6th Grade
Dayna Lundberg, 6th Grade
Sue Markiewicz, High School History
Ruth Marzola, High School History
Patrick McClanahan, High School History
Jennifer McGrail, Middle School Math
Erica McNabb, Special Education K–6th Grade
Kelly Mohr, Middle School English
Robin Moore, Middle School Science
Wendy Moore, Spanish
Matt Morsehead, High School Special Education
Kara Mounce, Special Education K–6th Grade
Rebecca Moxie, High School History
Rachael Oram, High School Science
Tiffany Organek, Special Education K–6th Grade
Kim Parsons, Kindergarten
Tom Peterson, High School History
Stacie Piotrowski, Art
Nicole Poplar, High School Science
Sommer Poquette, 3rd Grade
Melonie Porubsky, Middle School History
Mary Race, Special Education High School
Pam Racicot, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Jeff Readwin, Middle School Science
Emily Rippetoe, 5th Grade
Angela Rivas, Special Education High School
Amber Rogers, Title 1 Middle School/High School Math
Denise Rosman, Special Education High School
Ahlam Salem, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Rosana Salamey, High School Special Education
Kailani Sarjeant, 1st Grade
Sarah Schubring, Middle School English
Melissa Sharpe, Middle School English
Kathryn Simmons, Art
Gregory Smith, High School Science
Mikki Soltis, High School English
Jamie Sperti, High School English
Emily Stall, 2nd Grade
Jenelle Stevens, Kindergarten
Holly Stewart, 6th Grade
Amy Stirling, High School Science
Casey Swan, 3rd Grade
Ashley Thomas, Middle School Math
Rory Tubbs, 4th Grade
Erin Tuckey, Kindergarten
Elizabeth Turgeon, Special Education K–6th Grade
Maureen Turner, Special Education High School
Tara Turner, Special Education 7th–8th Grade
Joy Vanderweele, 4th Grade
Lara Van Horn, Art
Tim Walker, High School History
Derek Weghorst, High School English
Amy Weghorst, 1st Grade
Jesse Wesley, High School Science
Lindsay Wesley, Middle School Math
Kellie Jo West, 2nd Grade
Lindsey Wiegand, High School English
Danielle Wright, 6th Grade
Heather Zovishlack, Special Education K–6th Grade